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Car Interior Lights

About Car Interior Lights

Car interior lights are those handy little lights that allow you to peek at your road atlas or clip in your seatbelt when it’s dark outside. Without it, even the simplest of tasks would become much harder, so be sure to fit a quality product if yours breaks.

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Most cars have at least one ‘dome light’ or ‘courtesy light’, usually located on the ceiling in between the driver and front passenger seat. These lights provide illumination for carrying out small tasks inside the car, and sometimes come on when people enter or exit the car. Interior lighting has also been added to the bottom edge of the dashboard of some vehicles to provide a little extra illumination. Every now and again, particularly in older vehicles, the bulbs in car interior lights can blow. And while a lack of interior lighting won’t prevent the vehicle from performing at its best, it will quickly become a great inconvenience. Luckily, you can find a range of bulbs, including the LED variety, here at Euro Car Parts.