Daihatsu CV Joints

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Daihatsu CV Joints

About Daihatsu CV Joint Kits

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The name ‘CV joint’ refers to constant velocity. Each CV joint rotates at a constant speed and in doing so, it allows your car’s gearbox to transmit power at a variable angle. This reduces friction and play, which in turn increases your car’s efficiency. Exposure to dirt and moisture is the main cause of CV joint failure. Such exposure will cause joints to corrode, and they become especially vulnerable when the CV boot tears or cracks. The failure of the joint will cause a clunking sound when you turn your wheel, and may also be evident when you accelerate or slow down. At, our premium-quality CV joint kits come complete with stainless bands, a CV boot, circlip, spindle nut, grease, and of course the joint itself. Some of our kits also include dust shields and spacers.