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Daihatsu Pollen Filter

About Daihatsu Pollen Filters

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When changed regularly, the pollen filter can extend the lifetime of several vital components in your car, as well as giving you a healthier, more comfortable ride. Usually located in the engine compartment or cabin, beneath the windscreen, the pollen filter is a mechanically driven sieve with an electrostatic paper filter (or sometimes an active carbon filter) that attracts dust and plant particles such as pollen, spores and fungus, as well as chemical pollution in the air. Without sufficient filtration, the air in your car will carry high levels of pollutants and allergens, which could affect your health. It’s not just asthmatics and hay fever sufferers who will be at risk – the high concentration of dirt particles and fumes circulating in an unfiltered cabin can cause headaches, giddiness, nausea and even fatigue. In addition, smells from agricultural fertilizers, sewage plants and chemicals in your washer fluid and coolant are best filtered out for a more pleasant journey. Grime inside your car is also reduced by filtration. It is recommended that you change your pollen filter every 12–15,000 miles (about once a year), or more frequently if you live in a highly polluted area or regularly park beneath a tree.