Oil Caps & Breather Pipes

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Oil Caps & Breather Pipes

About Oil Caps & Breather Pipes

The oil cap fits over the engine’s oil inlet, sealing the oil chamber. The breather pipe channels oil-infused air through the engine and collects it. Both these components must be replaced if damaged. stocks parts to fit all cars.

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Although simple in design, the oil cap is a vital component of your car’s engine. Without one, or if the cap is ill fitting, the engine oil would leak out of the oil chamber, allowing external elements to enter the system. This could cause contamination. It is essential, therefore, that the engine cap (usually a small plastic screwcap) fits tightly to enable an airtight seal to the oil chamber. The breather pipe is equally key to a fully functional engine. It performs the essential job of whisking any air containing oil vapour away from the engine, as this could be hazardous and could also result in excessive oil consumption. It’s recommended that you fit a new breather pipe at every service to protect against splits or breaks.