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Anti-Roll Bar Kits

About Anti-Roll Bar Kits

Don’t be fooled by the name - anti-roll bar kits aren’t just for rally cars. They are in fact an important part of the suspension system in many modern vehicles, and might just help you keep steady on the road. Find all you’ll need in the way of anti-roll bar kits here at Euro Car Parts.

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Sometimes called a sway or stabiliser bar, anti-roll bars are a brilliant way of improving your car’s stability and overall feel through corners. In many cases, opting for a new anti-roll bar would mean replacing an existing one. However, some models of car may not have one fitted as standard, making this an additional part. Either way, opting for a new or additional bar would typically mean choosing an anti-roll bar that has a bigger diameter, allowing for a firmer set-up. When you begin to notice the linking joints begin to wear out on your anti-roll bars (usually noticeable with a knocking noise over bumps, and later an unsecure driving experience), it’s time to replace it with a kit from Euro Car Parts. Take a look at our range today.