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Renault Clutch

Renault Clutch

Renault clutch is the system by which the engine is engaged and the car drives. It's the job of the clutch to create a smooth engagement between the engine and a non-spinning transmission.

The clutch allows engine power to be applied gradually, when the vehicle initially pulls away; it interrupts power to the transmission for gear change and stops the engine stalling when bringing vehicle to a stop. When a clutch is fully engaged, (clutch pedal fully raised) it allows power from the engine to the transmission creating drive at the wheels. When the clutch is disengaged (clutch pedal fully depressed) this stops the power from the engine to the transmission allowing the engine to keep running without creating drive to the wheels.

Renault clutch kits will generally include the clutch itself as well as a pressure plate, pilot bearing, throw-out bearing and the clutch alignment tool. Flywheels are usually sold separately.

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From the moment you switch on your car, your clutch is put into action. Helping you to smoothly change gears and offering a boost of power to your vehicle, it's important that it's always working as it should. If you notice something isn't right, it might be time for a replacement. When you need a new clutch, a clutch kit will ensure you have everything you need. At Euro Car Parts we stock clutch kits for all makes and models, and while each product will vary, the kits typically include a clutch disc, pressure plate, a flywheel, bearings and an alignment tool. Buying the right clutch kit is vital, and if you require any assistance our experts at Euro Car Parts will be happy to help. We're easy to reach - you can call, email or speak to a member of our team face to face by heading into one of our 200 nationwide stores.