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Renault Suspension Bushes

Renault Suspension Bushes

Renault Suspension Bush

es in your vehicle acts much like human joints i.e. soft, ageing, or failing suspension bushes can cause a range of handling problems. Suspension bushes are used to connect the various moving components to your vehicle's chassis.

During every journey each Renault suspension bush inevitably takes a pounding. It's no surprise that they need replacing from time to time. The better quality suspension bushes you use the longer they will last.

To see what Renault Suspension Bushes we stock, just enter your vehicle details in our Fast Finder and this will then display what stock is available today or alternatively call one of our friendly expert advisors for further details or assistance.

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Bushes in a car work like knees or elbows in the human body. They absorb the shocks from bumps and divots in the road, prevent metal-to-metal contact and control the movement of the joints within the car. Without the protective materials, unwanted friction is caused between two hard surfaces and the joints don't move as freely or smoothly as they should. When the rubber suspension bushes in cars wear down, which is inevitable over time, the driver will notice how uncomfortable the ride can become through clunking and unnatural movements in the steering, particularly while cornering. Choosing quality bushes will bring you peace of mind and a longer lasting solution when you need to purchase replacements.