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Side Rods

About Side Rods

No matter the reason why you’re looking to replace your side rods, our collection here at Euro Car Parts is sure to include a set to fit your make and model of car. Explore the range below.

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Much like your shock absorbers and your rear axle carriers, the side rods (sometimes referred to as coupling rods) are too a vital part of your car’s suspension system. With their origins in steam locomotives, the history of the side rod is solid, and you’ll find them in most modern engines as you would vintage ones too. Modern side rods provide pivot points for the steering gear by connecting to either end of the centre drag link. From here, an adjustment sleeve connects both the inner and outer side rods, which connect to the steering knuckle that moves your wheels. A fairly important job we’re sure you’ll agree. Keeping an eye on your side rods is vital for a safe drive, so if yours aren’t up to scratch the next time you take a look at them, don’t take risks - explore our range of side rods in the collection here at Euro Car Parts below.