Tow Bar Electric Kits

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Tow Bar Electric Kits

About Tow Bar Electric Kits

A tow bar electric kit is used to deliver the power you require for the caravan, trailer, horsebox or other unit that you are towing. Browse our extensive range to find a compatible tow bar electric kit for your vehicle.

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If you have a tow bar you will need to supply electrical power through it to the unit you intend to tow. In the case of a trailer, this may just be the brake and indicator lights; for a caravan you may also need to supply all the internal electrics such as lights, fridge and other accessories. There are many different types of tow bar electric kits available to meet your requirements. The two categories that the various kits fit into are dedicated and universal. A dedicated tow bar electric kit (sometimes called a ‘plug-in’) taps into your car’s electrics to supply power to the towed unit. This type of kit is specific to your make and model of vehicle. Alternatively, a universal tow bar electric kit can be used if relatively simple electrics are required. This can either draw from your car’s lighting circuit or use a separate power source via a bypass system.