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Chevrolet Glow Plug

Chevrolet Glow Plug

Chevrolet Glow Plugs

look similar to spark plugs. Instead of spark plugs, glow plugs are used to heat and start diesel engines. It takes only two or three seconds for glow plugs, once activated, to generate sufficient heat to warm the engine block so that it's safe to start the vehicle. Chevrolet Glow plugs get it going when the engine is cold or ambient temperatures are low.

More often when a service is carried out your garage will check each Chevrolet glow plug, just like they do with spark plugs and they will let you know how many need replacing.

To see what Chevrolet Glow Plugs we stock, just enter your vehicle details in our Fast Finder and this will then display what stock is available today or alternatively call one of our friendly expert advisors for further details or assistance.

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Unlike gasoline engines, which use a spark to ignite the fuel mixture, diesel engines rely solely on cylinder pressures to ignite the diesel fuel mixture. If there are problems with your glow plugs, it is important to get them replaced as it will affect how your vehicle starts. On cold wintery mornings, fully functioning glow plugs are essential for a successful ignition. In case your glow plugs fail and you get stuck in the cold with an engine that will not start, make sure you keep a blanket in the boot of your car.