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Dust Free Tools

Dust Free Tools

Ensure your planers and sanders are creating as little mess as possible with our dust-free tools - important for making sure your workshop is safe to use.


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Sanders and planers can cause a significant amount of mess - dust that gets into the air and settles on all surfaces, and larger chippings which can clog machines or cause slipping hazards. Airborne dust can also present a health hazard if it's being repeatedly breathed in, so if others are using your workshop space it may be a requirement for you to have extractor fans and dust-free tools in place. Dust free tools can be fitted to most sanders and planers to ensure that all dust and shavings are directed into a secure bag that can be safely emptied. Paired with a dust extractor fan, they can go a long way to making your workshop a better place in which to do your work. You'll find a wide range of dust-free tools available with Euro Car Parts, all at great prices. Whichever one you select, you'll get free UK delivery, as well as international and next-day delivery options. Or you can click and collect your purchase from one of over 200 stores nationwide.